Improvisation trainer

I’m Sébastien. I have been improvising theatre for over 10 years.

I love teaching too. Teaching is helping others to go faster and more easily through the difficulties we have encountered ourselves. Teaching is giving someone new freedom. That’s why I love it.

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Music, language and meaningfulness are the tree topics that, along with improvisation, matter the most to me. They are the main three axis of my impro teaching.

Improv(e) your Life, because Life's not Scripted @TEDxUniMelb

My TEDxTalk about improvisation @ Melbourne

Nick Byrne, improviser, founder of Improvention and ImproACT

Sébastien kept us engaged the whole time. It was really fresh. It came from a different place from most improvisation workshops. We got to see things that we do quite a lot, reframed in a way to get us thinking in new ways about what we do on stage.
― Nick Byrne, improviser
Founder of Improvention and ImproACT
Simon Oats, storyteller

Sébastien’s workshop was fabulous. It made me reflect that, as actors, it is really powerful and valuable to focus on the core skill of emotional acting. I loved the way he brought it. He had a fabulous sequence through the exercises. I highly recommend it!
― Simon Oats, storyteller

My three major fields


Music has played a major part in my life for over a decade.

As a young child, I had been told I couldn’t sing and for years and I didn’t want to get anywhere near music.
I eventually started playing and soon enough I was playing in many bands.

Yet after years, I still refused to call myself a singer. And of course, it is through improvised theatre that I started singing again.

Now I lead improvised singing workshop as well as more specific workshops like “Combined Voices in Musical Impro“. I want everyone to enjoy singing as much as I do now!

You can also check out my documentary about music “What Music Do You Speak?


I just love languages. I speak 12 of them. I have been learning and teaching languages for years now.

It is only recently that I realized that, even though they dare putting themselves at risk on the stage, improvisers too suffer from the language shyness.

It mostly comes out as two mains fears: improvising in a foreign language and doing accents.

That’s why I offer the workshops “Improv in Tongues” and “Foreign Characters“, so that improvisers can enjoy languages as an extra tool to play with.

You can also check out my TEDx Talk about language learning “The Multilingual in You


I don’t think I learned that one. I believe meaningfulness and sincerity have always been important values to me.

I had been doing improv for years, mostly around the “Match” concept, when I first saw a long-form improv show.

It got me straight away. It was exploring everything I was lacking in the fast-paced short formats.

Now I train improvisers to use the tools and habits of more meaningful, in-depth, long-form improvisation, so that they can use it anytime they play. Regardless of the genre.

Being committed with “Give your 110%” or going further in your acting skills with “Improv(e) your Emotions” is what I’m looking into.


Some of the impro schools I have worked with

Canberra, Australia

Impro Melbourne
Melbourne, Australia

Brisbane, Australia